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Finally, Relief for Allergy Sufferers!

It is well known that the very mattress you sleep on every night can be a great source for irritating allergens. Allergens can cause and aggravate various health issues. What is not well known is that there is something you can do about it. How do you keep your mattress really clean? It’s easy: call The Clean Edge.

It has been done for years in Europe and is now available here by The Clean Edge in Needham.

The mattress is, without a doubt, the most soiled object we have close contact with for long periods of time every single day. Men, women and children spend one third of their lives sleeping on mattresses that are extremely soiled without even knowing it. This is potentially dangerous to their health. This applies equally to a mattress that is only a few months old as it does to a mattress that is several years old. It is unbelievable, but really very true.

We use a specialized UV light to provide a very effective kill to the many irritating allergens living right on your mattress.

The Problem: Dust Mites and Other Allergens

It is erroneous to believe that a sheet will protect against this kind of dirt, consisting of microscopic particles (1 – 20 microns). A bed sheet protects against these particles about as well as a fishing net would protect against sand. Distasteful as it is, with every movement of the body in bed, dust and mite excrement are churned up. The mattress blows dust mites and dust mite excrement into your mouth, nose, eyes and onto the skin. Yuck.

Dust mites, dander, and other allergens are not just in your mattress. They are also right through your home in your carpeting, upholstery and even your automobile’s interior.

How Much Does Mattress Cleaning Cost?

Call now and mention you read this here and get three mattresses sanitized for the price of two. First time mattress cleaning customers only.